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Faculty and Staff

Prof. Graham Louw, Professor & Head of Division (MPhil UCT & DVSc Pretoria). Clinical, comparative and applied anatomy, embryology, human growth, skeletal analysis, and medical education.

Prof. Alan Morris, Professor Emeritus (PhD Wits). Skeletal Biology/Forensic Anthropology, Human Evolution, History of South African Science.

Dr. Charles Slater, Senior Lecturer (MBChB & FFRad (T)SA & MPhil Ed, UCT). Gross and clinical anatomy, medical and anatomical education.

Dr. Geney Gunston, Senior Lecturer (MBChB & MPhil Ed, UCT). Gross and clinical anatomy, medical and anatomical education.

Dr. Victoria Gibbon, Senior Lecturer (PhD Wits). Biological anthropology, skeletal biology, bioarchaeology, forensic anthropology, molecular anthropology, dental anthropology, human variation and African prehistory.

Dr. Jacqui Friedling, Senior Lecturer (MSc & PhD UCT). Skeletal biology, forensic anthropology, life history studies (health, disease, diet and activity patterns in populations), human variation, adaptation and development, dental anthropology, growth patterns in children, and trauma patterns.

Dr. Adhil Bhagwandin, Senior Lecturer (MSc & PhD wits). Neuroanatomy, neuroscience, sleep phenomenology, glymphatic system, vertebrate brain, comparative mammalian brains.

Ms. Kenste Mpolokeng, Lecturer (MSc; BSc & BMedSc Free State). Human variation, anatomical variation, ophthalmic artery.

Contract Academic Staff

Dr. Devin Finaughty, Lecturer (BSc; BSc (Med) Hons & PhD, UCT). Forensic taphonomy, forensic anthropology, forensic entomology, skeletal biology, zoology, taphonomic ecology.

Ms. Claire Lewis, Lecturer (BSc; BSc (Hons); & MSc(Med), Wits). Forensic science, anatomy, histology, embryology, anatomical dissection and education.

Honorary Lecturer

Mary Patrick, (MSc Biological Anthropology UCT) Archaeology and Bioarchaeology.

Support and Administrative Staff

Caroline Powrie, Senior Technical Assistant (BA UCT), Anatomical Models and Skeletal Collection

Michael Cassar, Chief Technical Officer, Maceration Unit and Body Donation Programme

Deon Abrahams, Technical Officer, Maceration Unit & Dissection Laboratory Assistant

Shirees Benjamin, Laboratory Assistant, Maceration Unit & Dissection Laboratory Assistant

Jacques Jacobs, Departmental Assistant, Maceration Unit & Dissection Laboratory Assistant